AKIDS Visit Spitler, Kurata, and Stephen Mazujian Middle School

AKIDS Visit Spitler, Kurata, and Stephen Mazujian Middle School

We always appreciate the generosity of the AKIDS, based in Singapore. In June, this organization brought notebooks for all students along with bags of rice that they could take home to their families. Thanks to Richard Chong and Elise Hoon for their great contribution, over the years, to the students and families of Spitler School and Ang Chagn Village.

Spitler School Hosts Party for International Women’s Day

Spitler School is fortunate to have some amazing women who improve the lives of children through their hard work, exemplary teaching, and administrative skills. In a society still learning the importance of gender equality, these women serve as examples and mentors to our young female students. We certainly welcome the opportunity to honor these women on International Women’s Day.   

SSF Begins Closer Collaboration with Global ADE

The Spitler School Foundation is excited to begin a closer collaboration with Global ADE. Global ADE is a US-based non-profit with a mission to strengthen and support education in Cambodia by funding programs driven by local community leaders. Global ADE financially supported the establishment of the Stephen Mazujian Middle School — the middle school where SSF graduates continue their education. Thus, it is only natural that SSF and Global ADE work closely together to align programs, to learn from one another, and use resources as efficiently as possible.

In late 2018, the founder of Global ADE, Kenny King, and SSF founder, Danny Spitler, began collaboration discussions, and Kenny King also shared his need to step down from his role with Global ADE. SSF was pleased to offer assistance with this leadership transition along with strengthening the relationship between the two organizations. In February 2019, the Global ADE Board of Directors elected Lindsey Oakes as President and elected Danny Spitler to its Board of Directors.   

We look forward to exploring ways that our two organizations can continue to work together to enhance the educational opportunities of over 1500 deserving Cambodian children. We encourage you to learn more about Global ADE and the great success it has had over the years: https://www.globalade.org