Celebrating Cornerstone Cabinet and East Bay Community Foundation’s Commitments to Annual Donations

The Spitler School Foundation is appreciative of the generous support from two long time donors. Cornerstone Cabinets has been supporting SSF for over 10 years with its annual gift. For the past four years we have received an annual gift from the Kalian Family Fund at the East Bay Community Foundation. These donations have a direct impact on our students and teachers by providing teaching salaries, school supplies, sturdy desks, and a safe environment to learn and play.

By their willingness to commit to multi-year annual donations, we are able to more effectively plan and budget. We are very grateful for this ongoing support.

Celebrating Biogen’s Impact on Computer Literacy at Our Schools

A few months after a group from Biogen visited the Spitler School in 2013, they notified us that they would like to donate several boxes of used laptop computers to the school. This donation was the beginning step of our IT program, which has grown each year and provides students with vital computer skills. Six years later, Biogen has stepped up once more and has provided a generous donation of 60 laptops. We will also share these computers with Stephen Mazujian Middle School, which will provide additional computer time for hundreds of students.

We send our sincere thanks to Biogen’s Thomas Lackner for initiating the idea and to Romy Born and Claude Lutringer for working out the logistics that led to the delivery of these much needed computers.

Celebrating the Leadership of Chea Sarin

While Spitler School carries the name of the family who provided the initial funding, it was a young man named Chea Sarin who has always been the driving force behind building the school, and making it a huge success for the hundreds of children and families of Ang Chagn Village.

After surviving the Khmer Rouge genocide, as a very young boy, Sarin took the initiative to seek a primary and secondary education in the few schools remaining, learn English, start a family, and become a successful tour guide before he became a driving force for children’s education. Additionally, while working multiple jobs, he also managed to earn a bachelor’s degree. After almost 15 years of building, overseeing, and managing Spitler School, Kurata School, and then the Stephen Mazujian Middle School, Sarin has become a well-respected member of the community. He serves on various boards and committees. He is considered a leading proponent for children’s issues, and he is sought out regularly, by local leaders, for his advice and assistance.

As we approach Graduation Day for over 100 students at Spitler School, we want to take a moment to honor the man who has made this possible, and to say Thank You to Sarin and his beautiful family.