Cambodia started 2021 with under 500 cases of COVID-19, however, this number has increased to over 35,000 in recent months. As a result, the government closed all schools again in April and has instituted many lock-downs, further diminishing any economic activity in the country.  

While we are hopeful that the vaccine program will be ramped up in the Siem Reap area, we anticipate that our schools will remain closed for at least another six weeks.  

However, our students, teachers, and staff continue to persevere. Many of our teachers are on our campuses on a daily basis to meet with students and parents to distribute homework and collect completed assignments. Because we value the talents and ongoing work of our teachers and staff, and due to the economic impact this pandemic has had on them, Spitler School Foundation continues to provide our teachers and staff salaries and salary supplements to our schools.  Although our school director, Chea Sarin, reports that some families have moved away from our villages in efforts to find employment due to the Covid-19 crisis, through your donations we will continue to do all that we can to maintain education and stability during this time.