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We hope that you will enjoy learning about this exciting and worthwhile project, which is having a dramatic impact on the lives of young children in one of the poorest countries in the world.  Cambodia’s history, in the last forty years, is filled with war, genocide, poverty and desperation.  With the help of caring people and international assistance the country is recovering, but the hope of the country lies with its children and their ability to lift themselves from abject poverty through education.

The Spitler School was established in 2005 and is now providing a primary education to over 500 impoverished children in the village of Ang Chagn Chass not far from the city of Siem Reap.  It is supported by the Spitler School Foundation, a 501c3 charitable foundation.

This web site will provide you with the school history and a lot of good information we hope that you will also visit our Facebook Page, where you can find the most up to date information about the school’s activities.   You can reach this site my clicking the Facebook symbol on the right side of this page.

Thank you again for your visit.  We hope that you will spend some time browsing this site and learning about Spitler School.  We are happy to respond to your questions and inquiries, and we would welcome you to consider becoming a supporter of the Spitler School with a tax deductible donation.  Under the tab marked “our support” you find information and a link to our Razoo donation site for your convenience.  

Danny & Pam Spitler, Directors
Spitler School Foundation
501c3 Charitable Foundation
IRS EIN #20-8085411

Leap of Faith

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The June 2011 issue of Kiwanis Magazine takes a look at how the Spitler School is inspiring the youth of Cambodia by providing an education in a climate conducive to growth.  Leap of Faith

Students’ Village Clean Up Program

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In April Sarin and the Spitler School teachers initiated a new environmental program, which we are sure will make a difference in the lives of the students, and the village in general.

As with most poor countries, with little or no infrastructure, there is normally a huge problem with garbage.   In the poorest villages, like the one surrounding Spitler School, trash containment is not a priority as the villagers struggle day to day, just finding enough food and shelter to survive.   However, the lack of sanitation only compounds the health problems faced by our students and their families.

At Spitler School the staff has organized a program whereby the students participate one day a month in an organized effort to collect and burn the garbage that litters the village.  We are hopeful that the students will be setting an example for the rest of the village.  With a vibrant school, a new road, and a cleaner village we hope that every family, in the village of Ang Chagn Chass, will begin to see that there is a brighter future ahead for the children and the whole village.

Roadwork Progresses

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Progress continues on the village road project.  In the past the road through the village and into the school becomes almost impassable during the heavy rainy season.  We reported in late March the beginning of this long awaited project.  The first phase of the project involved the digging of drainage ditches along side the road and building up the elevation of the road.  There were also three concrete culverts placed under the road to prevent water from flooding over the roads during the heavy rainy season.

Almost all of this work was completed manually with many of the village residents accepting jobs to perform the manual labor of digging the trenches and carrying the fill dirt onto the top of the road surface.  We are hopeful that the wages earned during this time infused some much needed funds into the village economy.

During this time many truckloads of fill dirt and rocks were delivered and dumped onto low spots along the quarter mile section of road way.

Last week, after drainage ditches and culverts were completed it was time for the arrival of heavy equipment to level and pack down the fill dirt in preparation for the final application of a special red clay that is water resistant and is the preferred surface for rural roadways in the Siem Reap area.

We hope you will enjoy the following photographs of the recent activity as Sarin and the road company manager oversee the work of the company’s heavy road work equipment.

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