The Spitler School Foundation is a U.S. based 501c3 charitable foundation established in 2006 (IRS EIN # 20-8085411).  All donations are tax deductible.  Your donation will be acknowledged with an official letter from the Foundation for your records and tax files.

How Your Donation Will Help

It is amazing how much “bang for the buck” can be had in Cambodia, where an average wage for most of its citizens is less than $3 per day.

The Spitler School Foundation currently has no paid staff, and the administrative expenses are minimal, consisting mainly of bank fees, and yearly tax and charitable 5500 filings with the IRS.  All administrative costs are covered by donations from the Spitler family so that…

…100% of all other donations are applied directly to the school expenses and related programs.  

  • For a donation of $10, we can purchase a school uniform for a student.
  • For a donation of $65, we can purchase a bicycle that will allow a graduating 6th grader to continue their education at a middle school located several miles away.
  • For a donation of $200, we can pay the monthly salary for one of our teachers.
  • For a donation of $1,800, we can pay one teacher’s salary for a full school year.
  • For a donation of $5,000, we can cover all of the basic expenses of the school for one month (teachers’ salaries, security guard salaries, and all school supplies).

Financial Information

The funds donated to the Spitler School Foundation are controlled and administered by the Foundation Directors and held in the Foundation bank account to be transferred to a bank account in Cambodia. The Directors receive a monthly financial report from the administrator in Cambodia.  All expenses other than pre-established budgetary items are subject to approval by the Directors of the Spitler School Foundation.

As Directors of the Spitler School Foundation, Danny and Pam Spitler would like to provide as much documentation and transparency as possible when it comes to the financial records of the foundation.  Donors are welcome to receive any documentation related to the Foundation’s financing activities upon request.