Danny and Pam Spitler
Danny & Pam Spitler reside in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Through their world travels, they met and collaborated with Chea Sarin in founding Spitler School in 2005. They quickly realized the impact this school could make if it was properly funded. They established the Spitler School Foundation as a 501c3 charitable foundation in 2006, and have been working passionately on its administration since its creation. Danny retired from a career as founder and president of a manufacturing company. Pam is retired from the legal community and volunteers for charitable education projects with the Phoenix Kiwanis Club.

Sarin Chea

Sarin Chea [Sarin’s Story]
Sarin resides in Cambodia and has been the Executive Director and Administrator of the Spitler Schools since its establishment in 2005.  He oversees a large staff of teachers and support staff.  Born in Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge, Sarin’s experiences created a desire to help those in need.  His passion for education and improving opportunities for children and communities within his country lead to his calling to start a school within one of the poorest villages near Siem Reap.  Through his work ethic, trustworthiness, administration skills, and tireless pursuit for excellent standards of operation, Sarin has earned the highest respect of his peers, government officials, donors, and students.  After beginning the Spitler School Sarin earned a bachelor’s degree in business. He is married to Mary and they have two daughters, Vita and Vitee.


Board of Directors:

Danny Spitler – Chairman and Founder
Danny is a retired business executive.  He has been active for over 25 years with the Kiwanis Club of Phoenix.  He is a world traveler, and has provided support for a number of worthy causes through his company and his involvement with Kiwanis.  He and his wife Pam represented the donors and staff of Spitler School to received the Champions of Change award presented by the White House in 2012.

Pam Spitler – Secretary and Founder
Pam had an early career as an international flight attendant, followed by a career in the legal community where she primarily assisted attorneys on cases involving medical malpractice. She has been an active participant in the development of Spitler School, and she was instrumental in establishing the dance program at the school. Through her extensive travel experiences Pam has acquired an appreciation of various cultures and has a passion for helping children and animals.

Lindsey (Spitler) Oakes – Vice President
Lindsey, an attorney, has an expansive career background throughout various federal government agencies. Her passion has always been public service and volunteerism. Additionally, she has lived and traveled extensively abroad, and has been continuously interested in international issues and cultures.

Dee (Dewey) Spitler – Director
Dee has had an entrepreneurial career, which included living and working in both Thailand and Saudi Arabia. He lives in Prescott Arizona where he and his wife, Dusty, own a hearing aid franchise.  Dee also devotes his time and talent to charitable organizations such as The Mankind Project and Boys to Men.  He and Dusty are also active in the rescue and protection of animals. 


Sarin Chea

Sarin Chea – Executive Director and Administrator
Sarin’s passion and calling to help those in need lead to the founding of the Spitler Schools in Cambodia.  Born in Cambodia and educated in both Thailand and Cambodia, Sarin’s relationships and skills with the Cambodian people and government are invaluable.  His responsibilities include school management, community relations, local marketing, local financing, and local government relations.

The Spitler Schools are Khmer schools with Khmer administrations and Khmer teaching staff. The Cambodian government provides teachers to whom SSF pays a salary supplement for travel to the schools, which are some distance from the city center. Additionally, the schools have teachers who are full time employees of SSF who provide English and IT skills as well as Kindergarten classes.