With the vision of Chea Sarin and the fundraising of the Spitler Family, the Spitler Primary School opened its doors for the first time in 2005 and welcomed almost 200 children excited to have a school in their village for the first time.  Prior to the Spitler School, the young children of Ang Chagn Village outside of Siem Reap did not have realistic access to education, with the nearest school many miles away.  Since 2005, the Spitler School has not only expanded its campus from a one-room wooden classroom to ten brick-and-mortar buildings, but has graduated several hundred students and provides stable employment to dozens of staff! 


In 2010, seeing the success of the Spitler School, the local government asked the Spitler School Foundation to help support their fledgling primary school located a few miles away.  Since then, the Spitler School Foundation has rehabilitated four buildings, added two additional buildings, and has seen the student population grow from approximately 50 children to close to 200.  With its large recreation area on campus, Kurata School also hosts regular after-school programs run by our partner, Kids Play International.


Located in the Srah Srang Thbong village just outside of Siem Reap, this school supports the students and families of not only the Srah Srang Thbong village, but also 11 other surrounding villages.  This cluster of villages represents some of the poorest villages in Siem Reap.  Quite a sad paradox considering it is located within the Angkor Wat complex, which attracts millions of tourists each year.  Due to the initiative of Kenny King as President of Global ADE, and the transformative support from Robert Barefield, John Pinette and Pradit Phuangmalai, in 2015 construction began on Stephen Mazujian Middle School (SMMS)—named after a man who had a heart for providing education and encouragement to every child.  Prior to its completion, middle school students in this rural area had to travel miles to the city to attend school—a distance too far for many families to support.

SMMS, and the surrounding villages, thrived as student and staff populations increased, and provided much easier and safer access to education than in the past.  In 2019, Global ADE merged with the Spitler School Foundation, and SSF now manages the financial support to SMMS.