Meet the Team

The team at Spitler school includes paid staff and volunteers, both short-term and long term. Spitler School is a Khmer school with Khmer administration and a Khmer teaching staff. Volunteers understand that they are there to support the Khmer staff and to work within the Khmer culture. Spitler School is fortunate to have had volunteers working at the school, for various periods of time, from the USA, England, Scotland, Australia, Germany, Belgium, Japan, and Singapore.


Team Staff


Sarin,Vitee,Vita, and Mary

Sarin and his family

Sarin Chea
Spitler School Administrator
Sarin is married to his wife Mary and they have two young daughters, Vita – age 10, and Vitee, who was born in November 2008. Sarin continues to work as a tour guide, but he and Mary work tirelessly to administer the Spitler School and make sure that it is operated to the highest standards. While Sarin loves sharing the beauty, history and culture of his country with his clients he also spends much of his time fulfilling his dream to improve the lives of children. Read more about Sarin’s Story.


Teachers receiving certificate recognition for excellent work

The school Founder and Executive Director, Chea Sarin, oversees a staff of approximately 35.  Most of the staff are teachers, but there are also administrators, security and maintenance personnel, and two school nurses, who are trained in first aid and also teach provide hygiene training for the children.  The school has teachers who are full time employees of the Spitler School Foundation (SSF), and a number of government teachers, to whom SSF pays a salary supplement.



Team Volunteers

Spitler School is fortunate to have the commitment of several long-term volunteers, as well as the passion and continued commitment of its founders.

Jim Latt

Jim Latt

Jim Latt
USA, Volunteer Coordinator
Jim and the Khmer staff have initiated a comprehensive English program that begins in Kindergarten and continues through all grades. Spitler School has been able to generate funding that has allowed for the hiring of Khmer English instructors.



Danny and Pam Spitler

Danny and Pam Spitler

Danny and Pam Spitler
Danny & Pam Spitler reside in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Danny recently retired from a career as president of a small manufacturing company. Pam is retired from the legal profession and volunteers for charitable projects with the Phoenix Kiwanis Club. They are world travelers who collaborated with Chea Sarin in founding Spitler School in 2005. They quickly realized how much difference this school could make if it was properly funded. They established the Spitler School Foundation as a 501c3 charitable foundation in 2006. With the help of the extended Spitler family and many generous donors, the Spitler School Foundation has been able to fund the expenses of the school and construct the buildings necessary to housing the growing population of students.

“While we never imagined the size and scope that this school would achieve from its humble beginning, we became caught up in Sarin’s vision for the children of Ang Chagn Village.  We are amazed at what he has been able to accomplish along with the dedicated staff and the generous support of hundreds of donors and dozens of volunteers.” ~Danny