Photo Galleries

Welcome to the Spitler School Foundation photo gallery page. We have created many photo galleries for viewing and each tell their own story.


Photo Gallery by Erica Simone

Images by Erica Simone – Professional Photographer

The Spitler School had the privilege to host a visit from professional photographer, Erica Simone in March, 2010. Erica was traveling in Cambodia doing volunteer work at various children’s schools and orphanages and documenting her experiences.  We’ve included a portfolio of her pictures below.

We send our thanks to Erica for sharing her time and talent with the children in Cambodia, and we are especially appreciative of her sharing these wonderful photographs of our children at Spitler School. Please take a few minutes to enjoy her talents.


The Spitler School Family Visit – 2008

Danny and Pam Spitler returned to visit their school accompanied by Danny’s father, Irvin, his sister Kay, and their friends Melissa Fox and Cheryl Turner. The following link will take you to the story and photos of this memorable visit and a special ceremony at the Spitler School.


Construction 2005 to 2009

From its humble beginnings in 2005 the Spitler School has risen from a parched piece of land in a destitute Cambodian village. The ongoing construction projects from its first building of wood and thatch to the current campus as been an exciting journey and is a testament to the Chea Sarin’s administrative ability coupled with the financial support of the Spitler family and many generous donors. We welcome you to visit our construction photo gallery and watch the evolution of a dream coming true.



Medical Assistance

Through the years the Spitler School Foundation has had the opportunity provide medical assistance to our students in Cambodia. Sarin made our first project possible as he took the time to transport young Trop to Phnom Penh, where a doctor associated with the Smile Train organization surgically repaired Trop’s deformity.

A donation from Peter and Sally Preston allowed us to provide therapy and a lazy eye condition for Sari Malin. She is recovering nicely.

In 2007, we arranged for the King Benevolent Fund to visit Spitler School with a visiting medical team, who gave exams and left vitamins and parasite medicines for our students. In 2008 and 2010 Sarin arranged visits by a medical team from the Angkor Children’s hospital to visit Spitler School for medical exams for our students.