Ongoing Thanks to Thomas Lackner and Apellis Pharmaceuticals

Although it took several months to complete the complicated process of shipping and clearing customs, we received the final delivery of almost 100 used computers from the good people at Apellis Pharmaceuticals. Due to this generous gift, we are able to provide more students with computer training – a skill that many children in rural communities do not have the opportunity to learn.

Road Scholars Matching Generosity

We appreciate our long-standing relationship with the Road Scholar education travel organization, which regularly brings visitors to our schools to meet with our staff and learn about our programs. Many Road Scholars become regular donors after seeing the impact they can make in so many lives. Two recent Road Scholar visitors have stepped up to make an even more significant contribution to the students.

Mark and Jean Miller not only decided to fund a university scholarship for one of our former SMMS students, but they also wanted to donate to the Spitler School Foundation. They started a fundraising challenge and offered to match all donations received through December 15 up to $7500. The campaign is still on, and we are almost to the matching goal! Will you help us reach the finish line and double your impact?

Time to Celebrate

We are, once again, excited to congratulate all our 2023 graduates! We had 96 students graduate from the Spitler School and Kurata primary schools, and 78 students graduate from Stephen Mazujian Middle School. It was a happy celebration last week as the staff put together a wonderful ceremony for our primary schools to celebrate the beginning of the new school year and the recognition of accomplishments over the past year.

Thanks largely to the generosity of Ms.Wei Ling and her fundraising efforts, each primary school graduate received a pair of shoes, a new uniform, and the basic school supplies they need to continue their education in middle school. The staff gave awards to three outstanding students in each grade, as well as special recognition to the top performing teachers and other members of the staff. The ceremony included the Spitler School dance class performing Cambodian Apsara cultural dancing, and the village families and local officials shared in the celebrations with our students.