In the Spotlight: Teacher Loun Poley

In 2015, Spitler School was fortunate to hire Mr. Loun Poley as an English teacher at Spitler School. Mr. Poley now does double duty by teaching English at Spitler School for half of the school day and teaches English at Stephen Mazujian Middle School for half the day. He is also instrumental in helping our other English teachers with their English skills and lesson plans. Mr. Poley is known for making his classes fun and interactive.

Like many of our students, Mr. Poley was born in rural Cambodia, where his parents were hard-working farmers. Although many farming parents require their children to work the farm instead of school, Mr. Poley’s parents valued education and supported Mr. Poley’s efforts to pursue his dream of learning. He worked hard at numerous jobs to fund his education, and eventually was able to work and study at Florida International University in the USA. He then returned to Cambodia, connected with Spitler School, and is now applying his skills to improving the lives of hundreds of children every day.

Mr. Poley is married to Phally, who is also an English teacher, and they have a 6-year-old daughter. Mr. Poley has recently begun to study for his master’s degree in English.

THANK YOU, Mr. Poley for your hard work, dedication to your students, and sharing your passion and talent with others.

Spitler School Welcomes Florida International University Students

We were thrilled to welcome our very first post-Covid visitors to our schools with a visit from Harry Roberge and his students from Florida International University. For many years, Harry and his FIU students have visited the schools and have raised funds to assist with our bicycle program for graduating students.

On this trip, the FIU students spent several days working with the English teachers at both Spitler School and Steven Majuzian Middle School assisting with English lessons and connecting with our students on a personal level. We are thankful for these university students and their willingness to travel to Cambodia to be of assistance to our students.

Chea Sarin Elected to Office

We are pleased to announce that Chea Sarin, the Executive Director and co-founder of Spitler School, was recently elected by the citizens as the Nokorthom’s Head of Councilor and Chief of Commune. Nokorthom is the commune of villages where the schools supported by Spitler School Foundation are located.

“Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.” (C.S. Lewis)

Sarin has certainly shown this quote to be true. When Sarin was a young boy, his father was assassinated by the Khmer Rouge, and Sarin escaped with his mother and sisters to a refugee camp outside of Cambodia. Through these hardships, Sarin developed a passion for helping heal his country from the genocide. His efforts include building three schools, drilling over 75 wells for clean water, leading works to help the environment, raising funds for and distributing food to the poorest families, new road construction and flood prevention, and supporting efforts for gender equality and female empowerment. Along the way, he pushed himself to learn English, and earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Management.

We are so proud of Sarin, his wife Mary, and their three beautiful daughters for their passion, talent, and commitment to others. We know that they will continue to make an impact on the lives of our students and all the people of Nokorthom Commune.