Congratulations Graduates!

Congratulations to two recent graduates who are both members of the Spitler School family. Vahn Sok Kein was one of our original teachers in 2005. She taught kindergarten for many years, and has served as a teacher, teacher mentor, bookkeeper and office manager. She also serves as a coach with our partner organization, Kids Play International. Vahn Sok Kein completed three years of university study with a degree in Accounting, in addition to being a busy wife and mother.

We would also like to congratulate Chea Sarin’s daughter, Sarin Vitee, on her graduation from 6th grade.  Danny and Pam Spitler were lucky and privileged to be visiting Sarin and Mary in November of 2008 when Vitee was born. We have watched Vitee grow into quite an intelligent young lady. She already speaks great English, and we are excited about what the future holds for Vitee.

Food Distribution Continues

We are lucky to have some amazing donors to allow us to help our students and families during these difficult times with multiple food distributions over the past few months. Covid-19 not only threatens the health of our students, but also the livelihood of their families—causing a struggle to bring food to the table. Through the help of several of our donors, we have been able to provide basic food items to at least 185 families. Each family received a 25/kg bag of rice, and various other items including eggs, noodles and cooking oils. We are especially grateful to Edward and Penny Flahive, John Pinette and Richard Tan, whose generous donations allowed us to continue this program after our initial distribution.

Latest Covid-19 Update at Our Schools

As Covid-19 still lingers, our schools remain closed for traditional classes. However, during this period our great teachers and staff are doing all they can to help as many students as possible. Some students have access to cell phones and can engage in remote learning, and many parents and students come to the school to meet with teachers and pick up assignments to work on at home. We hope to be able to return to a normal school schedule at the beginning of the new school year in November.

Spitler School Foundation continues to provide salaries to our full-time staff and salary supplements to our government-employed teachers, thanks to your donations.  Although our school director, Chea Sarin, reports that some families have moved away from our villages in efforts to find employment due to the Covid-19 crisis, we will continue to do all that we can to maintain education and stability during this time.