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Road Scholars become Spitler School Fans and Friends

Over the past several years, we have welcomed many small groups traveling with the Road Scholar travel program. We are always happy to have these groups visit the school. We find that Road Scholars are real travelers. They not only come to see the ancient temples and enjoy the amazing sites of Cambodia, but they are learners, interested in the history, the culture, and the people. They are also generous visitors who appreciate the value of education. Many of these great travelers welcome the opportunity to support Spitler School with their generous donations.

Road Scholars 2016

Picture: Road Scholars visiting in 2016

Thank You – Florida International University & Stiftung-Liskamm

We send our thanks to many students at the Florida International University Study Abroad Program. They are conducting a fund raiser to assist in our bicycle program and they have raised over $1600. We look forward to welcoming many of these students who will be studying in Asia during the month of May. We also appreciate the assistance of Stiftung-Liskamm Foundation for their contribution. Each year we attempt to purchase a new bicycle for graduating students, thus enabling them to continue their education at a government middle school. This year we will have our largest graduating class with an estimated 85 graduates.

We also appreciate the fund raising efforts of Wei Ling and her friends in Malaysia who have consistently provided funding for the graduation bicycle program.

2015 bicycle scholarship

James Cook University teachers and students outside

Thanks to Teachers from James Cook University

For the third year in a row, Spitler School has welcomed student teachers from James Cook University in Australia. Over a dozen of these young teachers brought their time and talent to Spitler and Kurata Schools where they helped with English classes, led the children in outdoor activities, and worked with many of the children to produce a photo book. Children were provided cameras and they took photos and wrote about something that is important in their lives. Then they are able to see their work in a beautifully crafted book format. We sincerely appreciate the ongoing relationship with JCU and the generous contribution of its young teachers.
James Cook University teachers and students outside

James Cook University teachers and students learning