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Donor Provides Funds for a Staff Retreat

“Never stop learning because life never stops teaching.” SSF teachers and staff, along with the teachers and staff of Global ADE’s Stephen Mazujian Middle School and high school, took that quote to heart on a retreat this month. For this trip, they chose to visit the Cambodian provinces of Mondulkiri and Ratanakiri. These sparsely populated provinces, located in the far Eastern part of the country, gave our staff the opportunity to learn from ethnic tribes residing in the region. These areas are also distinctive for their beautiful forests, waterfalls, and a cooler mountain climate. Additionally, because SSF and Global ADE staff were combined on the retreat, they enjoyed learning from each other, sharing experiences, and building relationships.

SSF looks forward to any opportunity it has to recognize our hardworking staff, especially the classroom teachers, who are dedicated and care deeply about the children they teach. Although in earlier years we were able to fund a short field trip or picnic for the staff, our budget has not allowed this for several years. We were very grateful for a donation this year from Irvin Spitler, who designated his donation for a well-deserved staff field trip.

The teachers and staff from all schools, along with their families, send their THANKS to Mr. Spitler for his generous donation, which made this learning experience possible.

Let’s Celebrate Spitler School’s Graduating Class of 2019!

Family members, local ministry and village representatives, teachers, students, and friends all gathered in excitement to watch over 100 students graduate from our Spitler Schools. This was the 10th graduation ceremony for the Spitler Schools, and the Spitler School Foundation could not be more proud of their accomplishment.

To help ensure success as they start middle school, SSF has made it a priority to equip our graduates with a new school uniform, school supplies, and a bicycle. SSF would not have been able to send off our students with these items every year without the gracious gifts of our donors.

While many donations contributed to our graduation ceremony, SSF would like to specifically thank: Wei Lingand her friends and family in Malaysia; Thomas and Daniela Lackner; the students from Florida International University; and Richard Tan. Their consistent dedication to our graduating classes has directly helped remove any impediment to our graduates continuing their education.

Finally, we recognize the hard work and organizational skills of Chea Sarin, the school staff, and the community for planning such a wonderful ceremony to honor these young graduates. It was such a big event that Cambodian National Television (BTV) featured the ceremony in its nationwide broadcast.

Well done!

Celebrating Cornerstone Cabinet and East Bay Community Foundation’s Commitments to Annual Donations

The Spitler School Foundation is appreciative of the generous support from two long time donors. Cornerstone Cabinets has been supporting SSF for over 10 years with its annual gift. For the past four years we have received an annual gift from the Kalian Family Fund at the East Bay Community Foundation. These donations have a direct impact on our students and teachers by providing teaching salaries, school supplies, sturdy desks, and a safe environment to learn and play.

By their willingness to commit to multi-year annual donations, we are able to more effectively plan and budget. We are very grateful for this ongoing support.