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We Welcome the New US Ambassador

Spitler School would like to welcome Patrick Murphy as the new United States Ambassador to Cambodia. Ambassador Murphy is an experienced diplomat who has worked in Southeast Asia in a number of different positions. 
We are especially appreciative that our Executive Director, Chea Sarin, was invited to attend a reception for the ambassador and was able to tell the Ambassador about Spitler School.   

We have enjoyed a good relationship with the United States Embassy in Cambodia, and we recently welcomed members of the embassy staff to visit Spitler School hosted by our partners from Kid’s Play International.  

Opening Days at Spitler School

One of the most exciting times of the year in Ang Chagn Village is the opening days of the new school year in early November. Our students return one year older, and they are anxious to begin their studies. We also welcome a new class of kindergarten students to begin their educational journey at Spitler School.    

This year our desks will be filled with over 750 students giving their best efforts to our 38 teachers and staff. Your financial support has made all of this possible for the past 15 years. We are very grateful.  

FlexOffice Provides Supplies for 2019-20 School Year

Spitler School was the recipient of a generous donation of school supplies from the Cambodian Children’s Fund sponsored by FlexOffice, a member of the Thien Long Group. We are grateful our Executive Director, Chea Sarin, and to FlexOffice’s Nguyen Thanh Dat, for their hard work and coordination in making this event possible.

These much-needed supplies will be a great help to our ongoing need for school supplies and provide Spitler School teachers with new resources to enhance the learning experience of their students.