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FlexOffice Provides Supplies for 2019-20 School Year

Spitler School was the recipient of a generous donation of school supplies from the Cambodian Children’s Fund sponsored by FlexOffice, a member of the Thien Long Group. We are grateful our Executive Director, Chea Sarin, and to FlexOffice’s Nguyen Thanh Dat, for their hard work and coordination in making this event possible.

These much-needed supplies will be a great help to our ongoing need for school supplies and provide Spitler School teachers with new resources to enhance the learning experience of their students.

Spitler School Welcomes Special Guests

At the end of September, the staff at Spitler School welcomed a volunteer group from the United States Holocaust Museum. Two special members of this group were Caryn and Howard Unger. When the Ungers were married in 2016, they encouraged their wedding guests and family to honor their union by helping raise funds for two new classrooms at Spitler School. The new classrooms allowed us to reach our current capacity of educating over 750 students per year!

SSF loved the Ungers’s creative idea of celebrating their wedding by helping the children of Spitler School. We were honored to be chosen to receive such generosity. Therefore, we were thrilled to show them first hand what a huge impact they have had on the children of Ang Chagn.

Spitler School Celebrates First College Graduate

The passion, fundraising, and donations from all of you have lit the flame of education in the Ang Chagn village in Cambodia. Because of your support, we are excited to share that a member of our first 6th grade graduation class is preparing for her college graduation. Dina Touch graduated from Spitler School in 2010 and now she expects to graduate with a degree in English from University of South-East Asia (USEA. Dina has benefited from donors who have helped to provide her with the tools to complete middle school, high school and now college. During college she has worked as a kindergarten teacher and a receptionist, and she is hoping to be able to study for a Master’s degree.

We are very proud of Dina, and we are very grateful to our donors who have made this possible.