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You Provide Hope!

Because of you, for the last 15 years we have helped provide hope and endurance for these rural communities, students, and families, who have limited resources and access to basic necessities. As we move into the end of 2021, we hope we are able to communicate well how much of a true impact you have made in their lives. For those of you who have had to the experience of visiting Cambodia and our schools, you have seen first hand the joy your generosity brings—the smiles from our students, the improvement of life of the community in the schools’ villages, and how your seemingly small donation makes tremendous impacts in opportunities of others. And for those who have yet to visit Cambodia, we look forward to the day we can welcome you with cheers of appreciation from students lining our campus’ walkways.  In the meantime, we welcome any questions, ideas, or thoughts you may have about our Foundation, our motivation, history, and passion for providing education for these Cambodian children. You may email Danny Spitler, President, directly at:  

10 Covid Cases from SMMS Receive Food Assistance

Unfortunately, ten students from Steven Mazujian Middle School tested positive for Covid last month along with their families. This required them to be quarantined in their homes for almost three weeks. Through your donations, the Spitler School Foundation staff made sure that the families had enough food to sustain them during this time. SSF sends our thoughts and well wishes to them in a speedy recovery.

Classes Set to Resume Soon

We recently learned that the Cambodian government has tentatively agreed to allow in-person classes to resume in early November. It has been a difficult 18 months, and there will be difficult months ahead as both teachers and students try to find the right levels for all the students who have received various levels and formats of learning. However, we commend our teachers and staff for their strength and motivation to continue to find ways to safely educate our students. Our staff and teachers truly have a heart and passion for providing the best opportunities possible for education.