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KPI Cambodia Initiative

Welcome Kids Play International (KPI)

It was 2013 when we first met Olympian Tracy Evans, and we were introduced to her amazing organization, Kids Play International. Using sports programs as a vehicle, KPI trains local coaches to teach gender equality, respect, fair play, inclusion, and the value of education. After five years of hard work and planning, in October 2018, KPI introduced their Cambodia initiative with a well-trained team of local coaches.

The coaching team and their KPI leaders held their first ever sports day in Cambodia with Spitler and Kurata School students, as well as from Stephen Mazujian Middle School, on October 27. Katey Lippett, KPI’s Cambodia Program Director, stated:

While we came here to train and motivate our new coaches, we leave this week captivated by their passion. I feel so thankful to continue working with this incredible group of humans. The best is yet to come for these coaches, and I’m excited to be a part of it. I think Tracy Evans said it best in her teary-eyed, bittersweet goodbye: “Being here has inspired me. You all have inspired me. You make me want to … work so hard for all of you. You all are going to change this country.”

Please read more about KPIs mission and accomplishments at:

KPI Cambodia Initiative KPI Cambodia Initiative KPI Cambodia Initiative KPI Cambodia Initiative KPI Cambodia Initiative

Student sharing at ceremony

Opening Day of School – Nov 2018

After 14 years, it is still a thrill to see the faces of hundreds of young children arriving on the first day of school, ready and eager to learn. Opening ceremonies were attended by village leaders and local dignitaries. It is the hard work of our amazing staff that makes each Opening Day and new school year a success.

We are excited to report that of the 714 children, who started this school year, 49.3% are female. The Spitler School is open to any and every child in the region who wants to learn, and we are so encouraged by these females, as gender equality continues to move in the right direction.

All of our donors should take pride in another school year full of hope and excitement for these students. Without you, it would not be possible.

Students sitting at the ceremony Student sharing at ceremony Teacher sharing at ceremony Sarin sharing at ceremony Teachers and staff from Spitler School