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Your Direct Impact on our Students and Staff

Throughout this year of transition and adaptation, we are so grateful for your recent donations which directly provided our students and staff the certainty, safety, and comfort they needed. Because of YOU, we were able to:

  1. Continue the salaries for our teachers and staff while many Cambodians lost their jobs and ways to support their families;
  2. Provide emergency food to our most vulnerable students and their families; 
  3. Build a new hand washing station at Stephen Mazujian Middle School;
  4. Purchase thermometers, hand sanitizer, and masks to help prevent the spread of Covid in our village communities. 

This was all on top of our regular expenses as we continued to provide remote schooling, homework assignments, upkeep of the buildings, etc. During these times of uncertainty, you have helped bring back hope.

Lifting the Kickstand to Kickstart Our “Bike to the Future” Campaign

Despite the interruptions and having to distance-learn, students who were attending 6th grade prior to the pandemic will still be graduating to middle school. With that news, we are excited to continue our long-standing tradition of providing our graduates with a bicycle, a uniform, and school supplies to help them transition to their new school! 

We have only just begun to raise funds for this year’s “Bike to the Future” campaign, and we are already thanking some generous donors! Thank you for kickstarting the donations, Carl Wahlin and Luis Braga. And a special shout-out to Wei Ling Tan, who has vigorously supported and fundraised for our 6th-grade graduates for many years.  

Are you ready to help our students Bike to the Future?

This year we have over 110 graduating 6th graders—each needing a new middle school uniform, school supplies, and a new bicycle to travel to the middle school some distance away. Visit our website to donate and you can leave a note to designate the donation to the “Bike to the Future” campaign.


Teachers Never Stop Learning

Since we were unable to teach our normal computer classes during the pandemic, a large number of our teachers and staff used the opportunity to improve their computer skills by learning Microsoft Office 365 in the school’s computer lab. Thanks to our IT teacher, Chea Odom, for assisting in the project.