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Year-End Reflections

As we look back at all the achievements from the past 14 years, we continue to be humbled and grateful. The greatest achievement of all: well over 1,000 children have received a basic education at the schools of the Spitler School Foundation. This has only been possible because of great leadership from Chea Sarin, the hard work and dedication from our staff, the support from the schools’ community, and the generosity of our donor base. Thank you to our donors who continue to step up and give the financial support needed to provide an education to these very deserving children.

We are looking forward to sharing exciting news about new programs and partnerships coming in 2019.

Thank You Road Scholars

We welcome many visitors to Spitler School each year, but we especially enjoy the visits of our Road Scholar groups. Road Scholars are hearty travelers who brave the Cambodian heat to immerse themselves in the culture and history of the countries they visit. After a visit to Spitler School many of these generous travelers have become donors and provide much needed yearly support for the children of Spitler School. THANK YOU, ROAD SCHOLARS!

Sarin meeting with Road Scholars

Another Spitler Joins Spitler School Foundation

Lindsey (Spitler) Oakes

We are pleased to announce that a member of the Spitler family has taken on a larger roll with the administration of the Spitler School Foundation. Lindsey (Spitler) Oakes, daughter to founders Danny and Pam Spitler, has now joined SSF as Vice President and member of the Board of Directors.

Lindsey, an attorney, not only has had an expansive career background, but she also has passion for public service.  She has served others through not only her career, but also through her volunteer support as a literacy tutor to low income residents in Washington, D.C., administrative support to the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society, and pro bono legal work for the homeless. Additionally, she has traveled extensively abroad, and has been continuously interested in international issues and cultures.

We welcome her to the formal administration of SSF, and we look forward to her ideas and initiatives as we continue to strengthen our mission.