Ardoth Kessler (Pam’s Mother)

Posted on May 4, 2017

Pam Spitler’s mother, Ardoth Kessler, was born in Michigan USA in 1929. She was a wife and mother to three children and worked many different jobs to help her family. In 1965 she experienced a mother’s worst tragedy when her oldest son, Lugene, made the ultimate sacrifice while serving his country during the Vietnam War. Despite this devastating loss Ardoth endured and continued to live her life with kindness and warmth. She moved from Michigan to Arizona where she cared for the elderly as a professional caregiver until she retired.

Ardeth and Pam
She was a great mother to her two remaining children and a loving grandmother to her two grandchildren. She loved hearing and reading about all the accomplishments at Spitler School and was so proud of all that the staff and volunteers were able to accomplish. She was a regular donor to the Spitler School Foundation.

Sadly, Ardoth passed away last month on March 26. After her death many of her friends and family made donations totaling over $1,000 to the Spitler School Foundation in her memory.

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