Focus on Mothers

Posted on Apr 8, 2017

Leading up to Mothers’ Day in May we’d like to put our focus on all the Moms who are connected to Spitler School.  Many of our teachers are Moms, and we certainly have Moms and Grandmothers scattered far and wide who help Spitler School through their financial support. Many of our students have amazing Moms. We’d like to recognize a few of the special Moms of Spitler School.

Between now and Mothers’ Day we would also like to invite you to honor a special Mom with a donation to Spitler School. We’d be happy to recognize your special Mom with an acknowledgment on our Facebook Page or newsletter.  Please share the name of the Mom that you are honoring in the comments section of our PayPal donation site, or in a note if you are mailing your donation. THANK YOU.  > Donate Here

Meet Chun Arth:

Chun Arth and her son ReaksmeyChun Arth is very hardworking Spitler School Mom. She is a widow and works as a seamstress to provide food and clothing for five children. Her son, Sokorn Reaksmey, is in Grade 6, and if we raise enough funds he will be one of our graduates receiving a new bike, a new uniform, and school supplies, so he can continue on to middle school.

Chun Arth wants her son to be fluent in English and Khmer so that he can get a good job and help his siblings to stay in school.


somnangs mom

From Samnang:
“I love my mother so much because she feeds me everyday until I grow up. She is kind and tells me and my brother to be a good person.”


Right: Somnang’s drawing of
his mom

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