Spitler School’s First College Students!

Posted on Feb 2, 2017

We are so proud of Soa Mith and Toch Dina! Thanks to a generous donation from Brenda Davis, both students are in their first year of Paññāsāstra University in Siem Reap.

Dina and Mith

Mith, 18, who attended Spitler school from Grades 3 to 6, is 18 years old and studying computer science. He currently lives alone in Ang Chagn village – his father passed away when he was young and his mother is currently working in Thailand. Although she earns very little there, she manages to send just enough money back to Cambodia so that Mith can buy food and other supplies while he focuses on his studies.

Dina, also 18, started at Spitler School as a first grader, and her brother and 2 sisters are current students here. Dina’s father is a construction worker and her mother is seeking work in Thailand. Dina is studying English literature- this degree will enable her to find a good job as a translator/interpreter, English teacher or hotel concierge.

The families of both students could not be prouder of their accomplishments.  Twelve years ago, they lived in a poor village with no school at all and could have never, in their wildest dreams,  imagined their children as university students. It’s clear that without the strong educational foundation these two young people received at Spitler School, along with Brenda Davis’ donation which funds the cost of tuition, uniforms and books, neither would be where they are today. Dina and Mith are setting a wonderful example for the other students and families in the village and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for them!

Brenda giving to a studentBrenda Davis is a world traveler who lives in Northern California. She visited the school in 2008 and has been a contributor to the school for many years. We are very grateful that she decided to provide the scholarship funds that enabled Toch Dina and Soa Mith to realize their dreams to continue their education in college. Their lives will be forever impacted by Brenda’s generosity.

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