“My university professor introduced me to Spitler School back in May of 2022, during a study abroad trip with Florida International University, Honors Program. We traveled for five weeks around Southeast Asia, three of which were spent in Siem Reap as volunteer English teachers. Our mornings were devoted to teaching the students at Spitler School, and in the afternoon we helped future Cambodian teachers improve their English at the university level. The experience was a rewarding one, I enjoyed sharing my knowledge with the students as well as learning about their culture.

When I came back to Siem Reap this year, I knew that I wanted to teach again. I missed the energetic and vibrant classroom atmosphere, as well as the sense of community that the Spitler School provided in their classrooms. The teachers and administration are kind and welcoming. The school is clean and well-maintained. The children in the school are intelligent and eager to learn. As a teacher, this makes all the difference. It has been such a wonderful experience to volunteer at Spitler again. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to not only help educate, but also to learn from the next generation of Cambodian leaders.

Now, I will continue my volunteer teaching journey in Cambodia’s capital city of Phnom Penh at another NGO. Next year, I am planning to start graduate school with a focus on international relations and Asian studies. My goal is to continue to learn about and empower the communities of Southeast Asia.”

Thank you, Kellie, for your dedication to the students!