Students wish our supporters a happy holiday

This is the week that Americans emphasize BEING THANKFUL. While Thanksgiving is not a holiday in Cambodia there is no shortage of thankfulness around Spitler School.

The STUDENTS are thankful – They say THANK YOU every day with their smiles, their love of school, and their excitement to learn.

The TEACHERS are thankful – They appreciate being able to teach children in a safe environment where they are given the tools and supplies they need to really make a difference in the lives of the children.

Parents and neighbors gather for each new school yearVillage leaders give teachers recognition for their hard workThe PARENTS are thankful – They understand that Spitler School gives their children the opportunity that most of them never had, to receive a basic education free of charge.

The VILLAGE LEADERS are thankful – They are grateful that Spitler School continues to partner with the community to provide clean drinking water and to repair damaged roads.

CHEA SARIN is thankful – Not only is he realizing his dream of helping thousands of children in his country, but he is enjoying a chance to travel to the USA and experience a true American Thanksgiving.

EVERYONE associated with Spitler School is THANKFUL for the generosity of all those who provide the support that keeps the school moving forward and impacting young lives.