Spitler School was delighted to host a group of college students from Berkley University at the end of June. Samantha, Lauren, Megan, Jordan, Connor and Ryan.

Introductions between Spitler students and Berkley team

Samantha Maccabee led the team and shared about their visit.

“After recently graduating from UC Berkeley, my five friends and I were given the incredible opportunity of volunteering at the Spitler School during our tour of Asia.

We were welcomed by the incredible staff and were able to sit in on an arts and crafts class where we helped the students draw their favorite sea creature. Our drawing skills were even given a run for their money with some of the  talent in the class. The classes’ strong English really surprised us as they introduced themselves and asked us questions about where we were from. When each student introduced themselves, they told us about their favorite activity, most saying soccer and different outdoor games. For our next visit we thought it would be a great idea to bring soccer balls, basketballs, hula-hoops, and badminton sets. I will never forget seeing the kids faces light up as we walked into the school with all the toys. It was such an incredible experience watching language barriers dissolve as we ran around the courtyard playing monkey in the middle with the soccer balls. Visiting the Spitler School was such a highlight of our trip and I know we will all definitely stay in touch with the organization.”

Berkley team in art class

Sam hulahooping with spitler students

The team’s enthusiasm was contagious and the kids enjoyed the time immensely. From drawing to sports, it was an experience everyone will remember.

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