The students and staff at Spitler School send out a special THANK YOU to our many donors, who made Spitler School a part of their year-end giving. Your support is sincerely appreciated, and we are putting it work for the benefit of 750 deserving children.

We also wish to recognize three special donors who stepped up to help the school in a special way.

We were shocked to learn that someone broke into our computer lab and stole the 15 laptop computers we were using to teach our computer classes. Before this happened, we needed more computers and Sarin was in the process of sourcing some used desk top computers, but this event certainly accelerated the effort.

We are blessed with special friends: The Amazing Grace and Genesis Group immediately donated five computers, and Harish Narayanan donated four. Then the Taub family visited the school and provide funds for all the additional computers that were needed to restock the computer lab and get classes moving forward. Their contribution also provided additional funds needed for our English program.

students opening a desktop students unpacking computers students with new desktop computers student with new computer

Mr. Udom has been our IT instructor for the past three years. He is 24 years old and received is degree from Build Bright University in Siem Reap.  He says he really enjoys giving Spitler School students a basic knowledge of computer skills. The children learn typing skills and are introduced to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as navigating email and the internet.

english class thanks

It was thrilling for us to see photos of children unpacking the computers and helping the staff to set them up.