In 2021, your donations allowed us to continue to provide salaries for English and IT teachers and their programs at Spitler School, Kurata School, and Stephen Mazujian Middle School. You have also provided funding for:

  1. Food supplements to many students and their families.
  2. Upgrade to our internet capabilities to support remote learning during the pandemic
  3. A new bus that teachers used to deliver and pick up homework assignments to students during the shutdown and will be used to transport students to middle school.
  4. A new library building at Stephan Mazujian Middle School.
  5. An expansion of the administration building at Spitler School. 
  6. New school uniforms and school supplies for 6th grade graduates.
  7. Continued support for our cultural dance program.
  8. Teacher supplements and administrative salaries.
  9. Pandemic supplies – masks, soaps, hand sanitizers, thermometers, filtered water, etc.