Spitler School Foundation would like to share another Inspired Perspectives — focusing on our computer literacy program. Thank you to many donors who have either provided computers or funds for their purchase over the past decade. Demand for the programs continues to increase even as computers become unreliable and eventually unusable. We regularly look for ways to add more computers to our programs so that our students can continue to have access to basic computer skills. 

Inspired Perspectives, 2nd edition

Despite its growing use in Cambodia, computer skills remain quite low for most Cambodians. According to the Cambodian Ministry, 70% of Cambodians are computer illiterate. Computer skills are not required subjects in the Cambodia education curriculum, and computer classes are mainly taught at universities, rather than in lower grades.

Recognizing the overwhelming importance of computer skills, in 2012, Spitler School Foundation decided to establish and integrate this extra-curricular class into the Spitler and Kurata Primary Schools. Most of the primary students live in remote farming areas and have little access to technology in their homes—some do not even have electricity in their homes. The Spitler School Foundation and its donors wanted to bring opportunities for computer skills to these students, and to provide an understanding of technology that so many others around the world take for granted.

Sharing his passion for technology and bringing his creativity to the students is Mr. Oudome, Spitler School Foundation’s full-time computer teacher. Mr. Oudome’s love of computers began at a young age, and he continued to develop his skills through a degree in Information Technology from Build Bright University in Siem Reap. His mother, a retired primary school teacher, is his greatest inspiration and his idol.

Combining his love for computers with the influence from his mother in teaching, Mr. Oudome’s ability to help the students realize their true potential is inspiring.