In 2015, Spitler School was fortunate to hire Mr. Loun Poley as an English teacher at Spitler School. Mr. Poley now does double duty by teaching English at Spitler School for half of the school day and teaches English at Stephen Mazujian Middle School for half the day. He is also instrumental in helping our other English teachers with their English skills and lesson plans. Mr. Poley is known for making his classes fun and interactive.

Like many of our students, Mr. Poley was born in rural Cambodia, where his parents were hard-working farmers. Although many farming parents require their children to work the farm instead of school, Mr. Poley’s parents valued education and supported Mr. Poley’s efforts to pursue his dream of learning. He worked hard at numerous jobs to fund his education, and eventually was able to work and study at Florida International University in the USA. He then returned to Cambodia, connected with Spitler School, and is now applying his skills to improving the lives of hundreds of children every day.

Mr. Poley is married to Phally, who is also an English teacher, and they have a 6-year-old daughter. Mr. Poley has recently begun to study for his master’s degree in English.

THANK YOU, Mr. Poley for your hard work, dedication to your students, and sharing your passion and talent with others.