Farewell to Our Great Volunteers

Posted on Jul 13, 2017

Spitler School sadly said goodbye to a couple of amazing volunteers. Jim Latt has been providing his educational expertise, sound advice, and hard work for almost seven years. Jim has decided to relocate to Europe, but we will know where to reach him, and we hope he will always be “on call.” We wish him nothing but the best in the future and will always be grateful for his immeasurable contributions to Spitler School.

We also bid farewell to Lisa Hoffmeyer, who has completed a third stint as a volunteer at Spitler School. We hope that she will find her way back to Cambodia in the future and continue her great work with the staff and children at Spitler School.

Jim Latt at celebration Lisa and Sarin Lisa and Jim Lisa with Spitler Staff Jim teaching Spitler students

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