We are coming to the end of the 2017-18 school year at Spitler School and we would like to devote this newsletter to saying THANK YOU to our many donors who have provided generous support during the past three months.

We appreciate Richard Tan who has provided funds to assist with the repairs to our buildings and to help with our bicycle and uniform program for our 2018 graduates.

Richard Tan and Sarin

We are thankful for the Cantoni Family. Reto Cantoni provided funds for our first English classroom back in 2010 when his triplet boys were quite young. In 2018, he brought his family for a visit to Spitler School and they made a nice donation to help us make much needed repairs to one of our classrooms. (2010 and 2018 family photos below)

 Cantoni Family 2010
Cantoni Family 2018

We continue to enjoy the generosity of the AKIDS organization, led by Richard Chong and Elsie Hoon. Each year, they visit the school bringing a large amount of school supplies and other donations to help the children and families of Spitler School.

AKIDS distributing to Spitler students
AKDIS and Sarin

Thank you to Todd Oakes and Lindsey (Spitler) Oakes who encouraged friends and family to make donations to Spitler School in lieu of wedding gifts.
Lindsey (Spitler) Oakes  

Thank you also to Cheryl Turner, who raised funds on Facebook to celebrate her birthday.

Cheryl Turner

As we look forward to graduation at the end of August, we are hopeful that, for the 9th year in a row, we will be able to provide our 100+ graduates with a new bicycle, a school uniform, and school supplies. These items are crucial in order for them to continue their education at middle school.

We appreciate the donations that we have received from Richard Tan, and the donation commitments from the students at Florida International University and the Stiftung Liskamm Foundation.

Florida International University Students

As always, we are very appreciative of the efforts by Wei Ling Tan and her friends for their support of our graduates over the years.

If you are able to help us make sure that every graduate is able to go on to middle school, please click the donate button in the right column and make your contribution to the Spitler School Foundation.