We were thrilled to welcome back our loyal group of Road Scholars to Spitler School. Road Scholars have been visiting the SSF campuses since 2008, but the pandemic severely restricted travel to Cambodia for over 2 ½ years.

The people who travel with Road Scholar are not tourists, they are travelers. So, it is no surprise that they were one of the first groups to travel back to Cambodia to visit our schools. They are curious to learn, respectful of cultures, and they are passionate about travel. Road Scholar tours are “educational travel” focused, and while they visit our schools we share stories of our schools’ history, the impacts of our teachers, and we welcome the Road Scholars’ insightful questions. As with most visitors to our school, we like to schedule visits around recess so not to interrupt classes, but also so visitors can experience the energy and playfulness of our students. And we also cannot thank them enough for the school supplies they are so generous to give to our schools.

Many of our most loyal supporters have been Road Scholar visitors, whose short time on our campus inspired them share our story and become a part of the Spitler School family.