Many of you who have followed our schools over the past decade know of the annual rainy season, and the difficulties it brings to rural communities and our schools. The water takes its toll on our campuses, which requires us to undertake regular infrastructure maintenance. Over the years we have shared stories and photos of our donors helping support our students and schools with road construction, drainage pipelines, and sandbags. During one extremely high flood year, families could not even leave their homes to reach food markets. We then coordinated the delivery of hundreds of pounds of rice to our students and their families.

Past flooding at Spitler School

While we would always prefer to apply our dollars directly into the classrooms, occasionally we simply must address the issue of a lot of water coming in a short period of time. Luckily, Spitler School and Kurata School are situated on higher elevation, so that we can manage the situation with truckloads of fill dirt every few years. Stephen Mazujian Middle School, however, sits in a lower area and is more prone to flooding. This year, we committed to a drainage project which we believe will be a longer-term solution to protect the middle school buildings, and to help protect our students and staff from diseases arising from standing water.

We are grateful to our donors who continue to support all aspects of providing a quality education for the children attending Spitler School, Kurata School, and Stephen Mazujian Middle School.

Dirt offload at Spitler School and recent work on SMMS drainage projects